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Engineering, our strength

At Socabelec, simple ideas are translated into concrete solutions which fully comply with your needs and requirements.

As glass industry specialists, we transpose our experience to all sectors of the manufacturing industry.

Ingénieurs industriels - Socabelec Belgique

Our various departments are on hand to handle:

  • The tailored design of your machinery.
  • The integration of entire projects, including: civil engineering, electrical engineering, fire detection, access control, CCTV, etc.
  • The programming of robots, monitoring systems, safety control systems, industrial robots and vision systems.
  • Metal and mechanical construction.
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics – assembly, cabling, and normal or embedded instrumentation.
  • The building of third party or industrial SELV/LV/HV electrical cabinets.
  • Installation job sites in normal or special working environments, such as ATEX areas (explosive atmospheres) or clean rooms (pharmaceutical industry).
  • Optical fibre and copper networks and CCTV circuits.

We serve SMEs, large industries and the public sector alike, whether you are looking for short-term services, engineering design services or full projects from design to construction and the installation of new machinery.

Mechanics & pneumatics

Our mechanical design engineering department handles the engineering and the mechanical engineering design of all industrial machines.

The department is also involved in the mechanical engineering element of the turn-key solutions furnished by Socabelec, using the very latest softwares such as Solid Edge.

Finally, we also operate in the areas of pneumatics and hydraulics, where we handle the preliminary engineering and the design of all your projects.

Mécaniciens au travail. Pneumatique & mécanique industrielle

Automation & robotics

We have a dedicated engineering department that specialises in industrial robotics and automation, which is available to handle the design of complete robotics or automation installations from start to finish, setting out from the mechanical and electrical engineering of the installation all the way up operational trials further to assembly at our workshops.
This department is made up of robotics, automation and instrumentation specialists as well as assembly teams (electricians and mechanical fitters).

In this field, the prospective applications are manifold: as such, Socabelec handles the automation of all and any manufacturing processes using programmable logic controllers.

Robotique & automation dans l'industrie

Industrial electrical engineering

Our electrical engineering department, which is made up of fully qualified engineers who have been trained in the latest technologies, is available to handle the full electrical engineering of industrial electrical engineering installations in the areas of high as well as low voltage.

To this end, we run several CAD workstations loaded with softwares such as Eplan, SEE3000 and Autocad, which enables us to comply with the bulk of requests for electrical wiring diagrams.

Electricité et informatique industrielle