Success story of the Swabbing Robot

Success Story of the Swabbing robot

From needs to innovation

Robotics solutions on demand

The Swabbing Robot is the perfect example of Socabelec’s know-how.

In 2011, the Ardagh group expressed the desire and need to increase the safety of swabbing workers on the production lines of glass containers. This operation of lubrication has always been carried out by hand and is necessary to the production under penalty of consequent losses. In addition, manual swabbing does not guarantee uniform lubrication and the oil consumption is consequent.

Socabelec has therefore invented the ideal tool to meet these needs by removing the human from a position that is not suitable for him with a significant gain in safety and productivity.

An ideal partnership

With the help of Ardagh Group and Heye International that Socabelec developed the Swabbing Robot 1.0

The three experts in the glass industry have joined forces to develop the most advanced robotic tool on the market today. Socabelec, expert in industrial robotics, Ardagh Group, producer of glass containers and Heye International, manufacturer of glass bottle production lines.

This virtuous circle is an example of complementarity necessary for innovations of importance such as the Swabbing robot.

Improvements of the Swabbing Robot

The Swabbing Robot has benefited from many improvements and every year of production allowed to continue to develop this innovative tool. The latest versions have mainly reduced the clutter as well as the safety and reliability of the system.

Production at Ardagh Group

A real success story, the creation of swabbing robot reached its peak in 2016 when a new robot was placed on a HEYE International production line at an Ardagh Group plant. The beam modified and customized to this IS machine was placed in less than 48 hours and thus to minimize the downtime of the production.

The Swabbing robot lubricated its first molds at the end of the installation.