Our Know-how

Technology & people

Engineering, our strength

Thanks to the great experience and competence of our employees, at Socabelec, a simple idea will be translated into a concrete realisation that will meet your needs.

Convinced that Socabelec can bring its expertise in automation and robotics with great added value for its customers, we have decided to concentrate our services, since July 1st 2021, in the hollow glass industry only.

Thanks to our different departments, in the hollow glass sector, we take care of :

  • The design of your customised equipment.
  • The integration in your production workshop, including electricity, mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics and networking.
  • Programming of PLCs and robots adapted to your needs.
  • With our partner AgiNtech, we can also increase the safety of your production network.

AgiNtech takes over all our activities for all other sectors.

Mechanics & pneumatics

Our mechanical design engineering department handles the engineering and the mechanical engineering design of all industrial machines.

The department is also involved in the mechanical engineering element of the turn-key solutions furnished by Socabelec, using the very latest softwares such as Solid Edge.

Finally, we also operate in the areas of pneumatics and hydraulics, where we handle the preliminary engineering and the design of all your projects.

Automation & robotics

We have a dedicated engineering department that specialises in industrial robotics and automation, which is available to handle the design of complete robotics or automation installations from start to finish, setting out from the mechanical and electrical engineering of the installation all the way up operational trials further to assembly at our workshops.
This department is made up of robotics, automation and instrumentation specialists as well as assembly teams (electricians and mechanical fitters).

In this field, the prospective applications are manifold: as such, Socabelec handles the automation of all and any manufacturing processes using programmable logic controllers.

Industrial electrical engineering

Our electrical engineering department, which is made up of fully qualified engineers who have been trained in the latest technologies, is available to handle the full electrical engineering of industrial electrical engineering installations in the areas of high as well as low voltage.

To this end, we run several CAD workstations loaded with softwares such as Eplan, SEE3000 and Autocad, which enables us to comply with the bulk of requests for electrical wiring diagrams.